cats made of rabbits, keith lowell jensenPerforming in front of a sold out crowd at the Sacramento Comedy Spot, comedian Keith Lowell Jensen methodically informs his audience on a wide range of issues you don’t talk about at church. From wet dreams to marijuana, Jensen has his audience in fits of giggles for over an hour in this terrific new comedy album.

Known as “The Atheist Comedian,” Jensen shows his range in this awesome set, although he mostly sticks to joking about what he knows best; sex, drugs, absurdity and more sex.

“Do you guys do email forwards? That means you have retired people in your life,” joked Jensen. “Hey old retired people, go sit by a river or something. You’re depressing the shit out of me. I’m in front of a computer all day because I have to be. I hate to think that I’m going to be sitting there when I’m finally free.”

Over the past twelve months Jensen has made many notable performances, including a skit he did with comedian Chris Rock on the now cancelled Lopez Tonight show. Jensen has also opened twice for political comedian Will Durst, and once for the phenomenal Robin Williams.

Jensen identifies himself as a pro-marijuana supporter in his new album (to no one’s surprise) although he admits he’s not a user. He also delves into more takes on atheism, joking that, “I never get more than one group of door knockers in the same day. Which to me suggests a level of coordination and cooperation that is creepy.” The title of that track is not so subtlely titled, “Knock Knock Naked.”

The best part of Jensen’s “Cats Made of Rabbits” was his take on duck vaginas. His transition into the unusual subject was classic. And in trademark Jensen style, the crowd gets to learn from him about something they never thought they would hear at a comedy show.

“They have crazy, crazy vaginas! They’ve got hallways going into different directions. They have trap doors,” Jensen says. “Ok, Mr. Evolutionary Biologist explain that one? Well it turns out that ducks are notorious rapists. Over the ages rape interferes with kin selection. And if rapist duck comes along, his sperm gets the fun house!”

Jensen will be in Sacramento Friday night at the Comedy Spot for his “Cats Made of Rabbits” CD release party. He will also be performing via video for the Cystic Fibrosis Research, Inc (CFRI) Comedy Smackdown on October 16th at 7 p.m. You can find your copy of “Cats made of Rabbits” on and other internet retailers.

Check out some stand-up from Keith Lowell Jensen, courtesy of YouTube: